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Laser Vision Correction Options

Refractive laser surgery for vision correction has made tremendous advances over the last several decades. Today, many different options exist to help the majority of people who wear glasses or contact lenses reduce or eliminate their dependence on their corrective lenses. In almost all cases, refractive laser surgery is considered…

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Should I Have LASIK?

Any elective surgery is an important and often difficult decision. LASIK eye surgery is considered safe and effective by medical standards, but does that mean that it is right for you? Convenience vs. Risk LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures may offer the convenience of a reduced need for corrective…

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LASIK and Diabetes

Millions of people have chosen LASIK surgery to improve their eyesight. But is LASIK a safe choice for someone with diabetes? Medical research has identified a clear link between diabetes and eye-related complications. Those who have diabetes are at a higher risk of facing eye complications in the future.

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LASIK Healing – Part Two

Avoid Any Facial Applications: Avoid applying any facial applications, especially around your eyes. Creams, lotions and makeup should be avoided to prevent infection. Eye liner, eye shadow and mascara are especially dangerous because small particles from the makeup can enter or irritate your eye. Protect Your Eyes from the Sun:…

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LASIK Healing – Part One

One of the many benefits of LASIK eye surgery in Virginia Beach is a fast healing and recovery time. Below are several tips that can speed up LASIK healing and help you to avoid any complications after surgery: Give Yourself Time to Heal: After your LASIK surgery, give you…

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