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When LASIK May Have to Wait

If you have made the decision to undergo LASIK laser vision correction surgery, you may be anxious to schedule your procedure as soon as possible. Millions of patients have benefited from LASIK, but there are times when LASIK may have to wait. During Pregnancy – Due to hormone fluctuations…

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What Does LASIK Treat?

LASIK is a popular and advanced treatment for improving vision. LASIK is used to treat refractive errors of the eye. In most cases, these errors happen because the shape of the eye isn’t quite right and, as a result, light doesn’t focus on the retina the way it should. In…

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LASIK Recovery Time

Full LASIK recovery takes between three and six months, but most people say they see a difference in as little as 24-hours after surgery. Your individual recovery time will be different because no two people heal exactly the same way. In general, patients can expect the following during their LASIK…

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LASIK Candidacy

For the right candidate, LASIK can be an incredibly effective way to address refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. However, if you are not a good candidate, LASIK risks are much higher when you undergo this procedure. To be considered a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery…

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What to Expect from LASIK

LASIK refractive surgery has helped millions of people around the world achieve better vision. If you are considering laser vision correction, it can be helpful to know what to expect from LASIK before scheduling your procedure. Before LASIK in Virginia Beach, patients visit Tidewater Eye Centers to get their…

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