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When is the Best Time to have LASIK?

For many glasses or contact lens wearers, there comes a time when they say enough is enough and decide to have LASIK. So, when is the best time to have LASIK? When your eyes and prescription are stable: Teenagers and many young adults often experience changes in their contact…

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Advancements in LASIK

LASIK surgery is the most popular laser vision correction procedure performed today, and for good reason. Ongoing advancements in laser technology and ophthalmology have made way for successful surgeries and better visual outcomes. At Tidewater Eye Centers in Virginia Beach, our doctors utilize the latest advancements in LASIK surgery…

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Professional UFC Fighter Gets 20/20 Vision: Antwain Britt

Most people don’t have careers that come with the threat of being punched in the face on a daily basis. However, if you are a professional fighter, this is a reality. For Antwain Britt, a professional fighter in the UFC Strikeforce organization, the idea of having the best possible vision…

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When LASIK May Have to Wait

If you have made the decision to undergo LASIK laser vision correction surgery, you may be anxious to schedule your procedure as soon as possible. Millions of patients have benefited from LASIK, but there are times when LASIK may have to wait. During Pregnancy – Due to hormone fluctuations…

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What Does LASIK Treat?

LASIK is a popular and advanced treatment for improving vision. LASIK is used to treat refractive errors of the eye. In most cases, these errors happen because the shape of the eye isn’t quite right and, as a result, light doesn’t focus on the retina the way it should. In…

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