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I love not having to think about my glasses and be responsible for them ever again. It’s amazing to play with my kids, go to the gym, watch T.V. and not worry about the glasses on my face.

Michael Powers

"It was easy and painless! NO MORE CONTACTS!"

Brad Shoemaker

"Dr. Edmonds performed the upgraded cataract surgery (Restor) and follow up (LASIK) surgery on my left eye. I am an avid sportsman and enjoy competition coon hunting and showing as well. I hunt and show American black and tan coonhounds and have earned many champion degrees both in the show ring as well as hunting at night. I was experiencing some complications at night and although my glasses were helping me, it had come to a point to where I was ready to quit. By having the surgeries I have been able to continue my love for the sport. It has helped me to see better at night. I have earned several degrees and won competitions since my surgeries. I would definitely recommend the surgery to anyone and have certainly enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Edmonds and his staff."

Albert Fletcher

"Ashley is very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had and put my mind at ease about the procedure."

Christine Hunter

"Thank you everyone for my eyes, you guys are the best!"

Cindy Leung

"Enjoying my NEW EYES! Becoming more active just one week after my PRK procedure. It’s great to get up in the morning and not have to look for my glasses. Thank you!"

Craig Engler

"“Dr. Atlas took the time to make sure he got the best results possible. He has changed my life!”"


"We both enjoyed working with the Staff & Dr. Edmonds. One day after treatment and we both have excellent vision. Thank you so much!!"

Jenny & Richard Etter

"Thank you so much. You have no idea how much of a difference this has made in my life. I’ve never had vision this good."

Kathy Luehman

"I can’t express with words how excited/grateful I am for your expertise and professionalism, and your incredible sense of caring for my well-being through this unexpected, apprehensive experience. Thank you so much for returning me to excellent vision free from fumbling for glasses to see. Incredible experience. Highly recommend procedure. Fantastic professionals."

Ken Martin

"Thank you! I can now see without glasses for the first time in 40 years!"

Kerry Grant

"I have worn glasses for 20 years. Not having to worry about wearing glasses or putting in contacts has make my life so much simpler. I get to see the world in a new way and its completely amazing! Thank you Dr. Iacobucci, The Refractive Team and staff members at Tidewater Eye Centers for a job well done."

Kristen Shiles

"After years of contacts and glasses, LASIK has removed the hassle of contacts/glasses. It was a hassle I never knew existed until it was gone. Dr. Edmonds, Dana and the rest of the staff made the procedure very smooth and comfortable. Excellent team working with excellent technology."

Myles Henderson

"I feared that with the severity of my astigmatism, not only would I possibly not be a candidate for surgery but also feared the results might not be as good as I had heard others report. Dr. Iacobucci was so informative and thorough during his consult with me. He explained the PRK process and recovery time, as well as what I could expect every step of my recovery. The surgery itself was quick and painless. In fact, I never felt pain although I did experience some mild stinging as if I’d been swimming in a chlorinated pool. The morning after the surgery, I was seeing 20/40 which was almost as good as my vision with my contacts prior to surgery. As the days have passed, my vision has become sharper and clearer. I’ve had little to no pain or discomfort and I feel so amazed at the clarity of my vision. In my follow-up appointments with Dr. Iacobucci, he always talked at length with me about exactly what was happening with my eyes, the level of healing that had occurred so far, and what he expected to happen between then and the next appointment. Even though I would go into these appointments with questions, I never had to ask them because his consult was so thorough that he always covered them. His obvious knowledge and confidence in my treatment made me feel in very safe hands and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. I feel like I’ve been given the gift of sight! A wonderful experience all around. Dr. Iacobucci and his staff are so competent, knowledgable, and friendly. I give them my highest recommendation and my sincerest thanks!"

Pam Hooper

"Dr. Tom Edmonds and his staff at Tidewater Eye Centers were extremely professional and caring. My vision has remained perfect since my surgery in 2002."

Ralph Northam

"Seeing clearly a few hours after treatment and no pain."


"It has had a profound impact on my life."

Slighty from Z104

"“Dr. Rappaport’s Glaucoma surgery on Sue Paschall just announced by Johns Hopkins Dr. to be a “perfect surgery”!! He also said how fortunate to have a Dr. in this area doing that caliber eye surgery!! Thanks Dr. Rapp! See you soon with appreciation & many thank yous!!”"

Sue Paschall

"“Great doctor and wonderful staff- enjoyable experience, great benefit. Thank you!”"

Teddy Richardson

"“Dear Dr. Edmonds and staff, Thank you for your calming presence, tender care, and compassionate understanding! I can’t put into words how blessed I am to have had this done. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.”"

Trulee McMenemy

"“Great service, great staff, great experience. The doc took the time to make sure that all was as perfect as possible prior to surgery to ensure a great job. It was. Thanks!!!”"

William McKenzie