Multifocal IOL Implants (ReSTOR)

restor ChesapeakeWe now offer ReSTOR® lens at our treatment centers in Virginia. The long-awaited Acrysof ReSTOR® lens is a revolutionary innovation in foldable intraocular lens (IOL) technology.

The distinguishing characteristic of ReSTOR® lens is that it may allow recipients to focus images at near, intermediate and far distances without the aid of spectacles. Using apodized diffractive optics, ReSTOR® lens diffuses light to various parts of the lens depending on the size of the pupil. Unlike its predecessors, ReSTOR® lens operates independently of muscle activity, producing more predictable and more reliable results. The manufacturer of ReSTOR® lens reports that 80 percent of ReSTOR® lens recipients no longer require spectacles for any activity.

The ReSTOR® lens does exactly what its name implies: It can restore the ability of the eye to focus on objects at multiple distances after the natural lens has been removed. Patients who are interested in learning more about ReSTOR® lens are invited to contact our offices in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Portsmouth for more information.


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Clear Lens Extraction

In addition to being used in treatments, ReSTOR® lens can be effectively used in a procedure called Clear Lens Extraction (CLE). CLE successfully rectifies high degrees of myopia and hyperopia, as well as presbyopia, a condition that develops as the eyeball ages. CLE is generally reserved for patients older than 40 who are not candidates. During the procedure, our physicians remove the lens of the eye, it’s natural focusing device, and replace it with a ReSTOR® lens, which is designed to restore the ability to focus at all distances. Please be aware that some restrictions on the operation do exist and parts of it are not covered by insurance. In addition, there are some risks including halos and in very rare cases retinal detachment and epithelium cell loss.

If you believe you are a candidate for CLE with the ReSTOR® lens, contact our offices today.

Restor Chesapeake VAWe are committed to providing our community with a high standard of ocular care and patient service, and ReSTOR® lens is just one example of our dedication to the optimal ocular health of our patients. Patients from Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and all over the mid-Atlantic region trust our doctors to treat their eyes with delicacy and the greatest care.

If you or a loved one is a candidate for presbyopia surgical treatment, consider the new multifocal intraocular lens, ReSTOR® lens. This lens is helping doctors across the country improve the vision and enhance the lives of thousands of Americans. To learn more about ReSTOR® lens or to arrange an initial consultation contact our office.

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