Whole Eye Transplantation: Is it Possible?

Gandhi-eye-for-an-eyeIt has always been thought previously impossible to transplant a whole human eye, until now!  An international group of doctors and scientists, lead by the University of Pittsburgh, have just been awarded funding from the federal government to advance their research into the feasibility of such advanced and complex surgery.  If successful, some of the most common causes of blindness, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease, could be overcome.  Thirteen institutions from around the world have joined efforts together in this pursuit.  Although human trails are likely many years off, recent advances including better medications to prevent rejection, stem cells stimulation, and microsurgical techniques have the researchers and those affected by potentially blinding eye diseases more optimistic than ever that a cure may be in the works.

Mark A. Pavilack, MD Cornea, Cataract, and Laser Vision Specialist


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