Congratulations to Governor Northam!

Last month Dr. Tom Edmonds celebrated along with Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam as he clinched the race for Governor of Virginia. Dr. Edmonds and Governor Northam are longtime childhood friends from the eastern shore and they were roommates in medical school.

Dr. Edmonds also performed LASIK vision correction on Governor Northam 15 years ago; he is still enjoying perfect vision to this day. His lens-free vision will most certainly come in handy as he works to build on Virginia’s economic progress and defend our values.

“Dr. Tom Edmonds and his staff at Tidewater Eye Centers were extremely professional and caring. My vision has remained perfect since my surgery in 2002.”

– Governor Ralph Northam

Blade-free LASIK Technology

Tidewater Eye Centers uses advanced iLASIK technology to provide blade-free vision correction. The “i” in iLASIK stands for the IntraLase laser that is used to create a corneal flap in the first step of LASIK. Rather than using a hand-held blade to make a corneal incision, this laser makes the entire process blade-free for a more customized, precise and safe procedure. A second laser, an excimer laser, is used to actually change the shape of the cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and allow proper focusing. Only a miniscule amount of tissue is removed during this 10-minute process.

Free LASIK Consultations

Every person who is considering LASIK must undergo a free LASIK Consultation first to ensure the procedure is a safe vision correction alternative – even the “celebrities” in our community. Tidewater Eye Centers offers free LASIK Consultations that can be scheduled online or via phone at (757) 483-0400.