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DMEK/DSAEK Corneal Transplants

Corneal transplant technology has come a long way. Today, rather than having a full corneal transplant, some patients are benefitting from Descement’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) or Descement’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) surgeries.

Full corneal transplants require that a patient’s entire cornea be removed and replaced with a donor cornea from an eye bank. While this method is very successful for restoring vision in patients with severe corneal damage, the surgery requires sutures to keep the new cornea in place, resulting in a long recovery time and greater potential for complications.

At Tidewater Eye Centers our corneal specialists also perform DMEK/DSAEK corneal transplants in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth, VA. Also known as a partial thickness corneal transplant, the surgery involves replacing only the damaged section of the back inner layer of the cornea. Healthy donor tissue from an eye bank is also used for this procedure.

Benefits of DMEK/DSAEK  

  • Only a small incision is necessary
  • Faster recovery time
  • No sutures required
  • Faster surgery time
  • Less visual distortion
  • Reduced risk of problems like dry eye
  • Reduced risk of astigmatism
  • Greater integrity of the corneal tissue

If you are considering having a corneal transplant, find out if a DMEK/DSAEK corneal transplant might be right for you. Contact us today to arrange an eye exam and learn more about your options for visual improvement through corneal implants. You can also learn more about the risks of DMEK/DSAEK such as rejection of the new tissue, bleeding, infection and corneal swelling. Trusting your eyes to an experienced ophthalmologist will help reduce some of those risks. Our experienced corneal doctors will discuss vision restoration options for your unique situation.