Dr. Iacobucci’s thoughts on Eye Bling

A patient asked me today about media reports of putting platinum jewelry on the surface of the eye.   It has been reported by Fox that a doctor in New York is charging $3,000 for a procedure referred to “Safesight Jewelry” which is not FDA-approved in the US.  The name is curious because it has not been proven to be safe or to preserve sight.

I observed the surgical video a New York Park Avenue ophthalmologist posted online and the Fox news report link below. The surgery involves placing a small piece of platinum under the conjunctiva. It makes me sick to watch this procedure considering the many times I have removed pieces of metal from the eye. Why would anyone consent and pay to have metal placed on the surface of their eye?  Most people do not like the sensation of metal on the surface of the eye, even under the conjunctiva. 

I would strongly advise against any cosmetic eye implants which are not FDA approved. If one wants to enhance the appearance of their eyes, they can wear contact lenses to enhance or change the perceived color of the iris. Lattise® is FDA approved to increase lash growth. LASIK or PRK is also an option to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses, which may approve appearance. Blepharoplasty, or plastic surgery of the lids to remove unwanted skin can also improve the appearance of the eye lids. All of these services are offered by Tidewater Eye Center surgeons.