Eye Surgeons Love Their Lasers

The first refractive surgery in the Tidewater area was performed by Tidewater Eye Center surgeons in the late 1980s. At that time we corrected refractive error using a metal blade. The first laser was approved for LASIK surgery in 1998. We used a blade to make the flap but used the laser to treat underneath.

In 2001, the femtosecond laser came along which allowed us to create the corneal flap without a blade. The whole LASIK surgery could then be “all laser” or “blade free”. This new technology revolutionized LASIK surgery and delivered a higher level of accuracy with less complications such as corneal abrasions and irregular flaps.

The laser has now evolved to cataract surgery. The doctors at Tidewater Eye Centers now use the first femtosecond laser approved for cataract surgery, the LensX laser. This laser has done for cataract surgery what the femtosecond did for LASIK surgery. It has increased the accuracy while reducing the complications. The LensX laser has been found to be particularly effective at treating astigmatism.

We at Tidewater Eye are proud to have been on the forefront of each of these major innovations mentioned above. It is a true pleasure to be in a field of medicine where significant innovations have lead to so many improvements in surgical outcomes through the years.

Tom Edmonds, M.D.


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