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iFS Femtosecond Laser

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In any LASIK procedure it is necessary to create a corneal flap. This flap gives the doctor access to the underlying corneal tissue so it can be reshaped with an excimer laser to allow light to properly focus on the retina. Traditional LASIK methods involve using a hand-held blade (microkeratome) to make the corneal flap.

At Tidewater Eye Centers we also use blade-free LASIK to create the corneal flap in a faster, safer and more precise manner. For this process we utilize the iFS® femtosecond laser.

Benefits of Blade-free LASIK

Blade-free LASIK has many advantages over the traditional method:

  • Stronger, more stable corneal flap
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Faster visual recovery
  • Accurate, reproducible incisions
  • Exceptional safety
  • Customization for each unique eye

How Blade-free LASIK Works

The iFS laser separates corneal tissue for flap creation by generating energy that produces tiny bubbles at a precise depth. The flap is folded over so an excimer laser can reshape the underlying tissue. The entire process is based on Wavefront technology that gathers hundreds of eye measurements to create an extremely customized vision correction plan for your unique eyes.

You can learn more about blade-free LASIK technologies and find out if your eyes are right for this procedure by scheduling a free LASIK Consultation with us today. Our LASIK doctors will perform a comprehensive exam and provide up-front and honest information about your eye health and our recommendations for improvement.