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WaveScan Measuring

When LASIK first gained FDA approval in the late 1990s, the laser vision correction process was based on the patient’s eyeglasses prescription. Because this method wasn’t highly customized for extremely minor imperfections, some patients experienced side effects after the procedure such as halos or starbursts. Doctors continued to tweak the process and quickly developed tools to measure the unique hills and valleys of each eye to determine the very best way to reshape the cornea: WaveScan measuring.

WaveScan measuring is used to produce a 3D map of the eye so that optical imperfections can be identified. At Tidewater Eye Centers we use WaveScan measuring during blade-free LASIK in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Chesapeake to digitally analyze:

  • Corneal shape
  • Corneal thickness
  • Refractive measurement (your lens prescription)
  • Pupil size
  • Existence of eye disease or other conditions
  • Tear quality

These measurements are 25 times more accurate than traditional methods. This is important because it allows our doctors to create a truly custom LASIK procedure so we can produce the very best vision results possible. For many patients this means 20/20 or better vision and often the total elimination of glasses or contacts.

You can learn more about WaveScan LASIK technologies and get a good look at your own unique eye anatomy by scheduling a free LASIK Consultation with us today. If our doctors approve you for LASIK, you can decide if you want to go ahead with this amazing procedure.