My Botox Experience by Dr. Roger Newsom in Virginia Beach

Many people aren’t sure what to think of Botox. Is it simply in vain or it is a smart, preventative decision to help your skin? I went ahead and took the plunge at Tidewater Eye Centers by Dr. Roger Newsom in their Virginia Beach office. I was not let down! Dr. Newsom made it so quick and easy. He told me exactly what to expect, and knowing that he is an Ophthalmologist made me feel comfortable knowing that he wouldn’t take any risks with my eyes.

I began considering Botox after noticing myself scrunching my forehead multiple times in a video. This has been a bad habit of mine for a long time, and one that just came natural. I tried and tried to stop doing it, but I am far too animated to control it! I read intriguing information that Botox works much better to prevent new wrinkles rather than get rid of current wrinkles, and more patients are having it done at younger ages to help their skin before it is too late.

I spent tons of time and money on creams that would reduce the appearance of FINE lines temporarily, but nothing helped with the dramatic wrinkling of my forehead. I was a bit nervous to try Botox, but I figured I’d give it a go at least once to see if it might help. I was amazed with the results after just 3 days! It takes two week for the full effects, but after just a few days I was very pleased with the noticeable difference (to me). No one noticed I had gotten it done! I can still scrunch my eyebrows down if I want to, but I don’t have to worry about wrinkling it up many times each day, ruining the collagen in my skin.

It took just a couple of minutes from the time I walked into the room until I walked out. It was simple, quick, easy, and barely felt like anything more than a little sting. I washed my face later that evening and put on my regular powder to go out. You could not see the injection spots AT ALL! I am so happy with my results, and so grateful to Dr. Newsom!! Thank you TEC!