Proper Contact Lens Care Leads to Better Ocular Health

Recommendations can vary from lens to lens and patient to patient.  Ultimately follow the ones made by your doctor.  The three big areas patients fall short in their care are replacement schedule, solutions and case replacement.

As a contact lens ages wettability decreases as well as oxygen penetration.  Also, as lenses age deposits increase which can cause acute and chronic problems such as irritation and infection.  The more frequently you replace your contact lens the better your comfort, vision and health will be.  Each contact lens company has guidelines that have been tested so follow them!

Your doctor makes recommendations for solutions based on the lens and the patient.  Not all are created equally especially store brands.  These solutions are typically older generation products and are not just generic forms of the brand.  Stick with brand solutions.

The contact lens case is a topic that is really starting to gain attention.  The new recommendation from the FDA is quarterly replacement.  Cases even when properly rinsed and dried can still have microorganisms that can lead to infection.  Old dirty cases can cause infection even when the contact lens is cared for properly.

Contact lens can be worn successfully when the wearer follows the guidelines set forth by the doctor.  Sticking to those recommendations leads to healthier and happier eyes.

Dr. Alison Mercer, Contact Lens Specialist