Roc Solid Foundation Build 2015

The only thing I can say about our day with Roc Solid, is that it was a truly amazing experience!

The day started with lots of excitement and motivation.  We at Tidewater Eye Centers worked so hard and truly came together as a team to raise the money that was needed for this build.

The morning of the build was warm and beautiful.  All though we weren’t really ready for how hot it got, the anticipation to get started was strong.

Roc Solid Foundation had everything laid out for us.  T-shirts at check in, coffee in the backyard, and different sections of the play set labeled with instructions so we could get right to work.  We quickly realized this was going to be a large project.   Putting a very large multi-level play set together and doing landscaping in just 4 hours!  It truly took the great organization skills of Roc Solid and the amazing team work of Tidewater Eye Centers employees to pull it off.

And once we got started there was no stopping us.  Before we knew it we were finished and waiting for the reveal.  The family and Berkleigh had gone to the Zoo in Norfolk that day while we were doing our thing.  And once we were finished, it was like we were 10 years old on Christmas Eve anxiously waiting for Christmas morning to get here.  For me personally, in that moment, everything that we had accomplished really set in.  The moment when that special child comes around the corner and you see their face just light up.  Standing back and looking at the large crowd of volunteers and supporters, and then looking at this huge play set is a moment I will never forget.

At the reveal there were tears cried, smiles shared, children’s laughter heard all around, hugs, and so much more.  There are no words for the feeling we shared with that family on that special day.  Seeing this beautiful 3 year old girl playing with other children was priceless.  Thank you Roc Solid for giving us this opportunity to be apart of something so amazing.  And to Berkleigh and her family; we are so honored to be apart of a very special day.  We hope you have many healthy days of laughter, love, and fun times with this new play set!


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