Eyelid Surgery

As the face ages, a person’s eyelids may start to sag and hang over the eyes, giving him or her a permanent expression of fatigue and possibly interfering with the person’s ability to see. Dr. Newsom and Dr. Edmonds perform a variety of eyelid surgeries for our patients in order to improve visual quality and cosmetically enhance the patient’s appearance.

Below are some examples of eyelid treatments offered at our offices:

  • Blepharoplasty (also known as an eyelid lift): rectifies heavy and droopy eyelids that create a permanent expression of fatigue and impair vision
  • Entropion repair: rectifies an inverted eyelid, which is normally associated with the natural aging process and subsequent weakening of the eyelid muscles
  • Ectropion repair: rectifies an outwardly turned eyelid, a condition that is most commonly associated with the natural aging process
  • Dacryocystorhin: rectifies a blocked tear duct by creating a new drainage system between the upper eyelid (where tear ducts are located) and the nasal passage
  • Revision of upper and lower lids

The doctors at our offices have extensive training in all types of eyelid operations and can treat even the most unusual cases. If you believe you are a candidate for eyelid operations, contact us today in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Portsmouth to schedule a consultation.

Meet Dr. Newsom – Our Lid Specialist