Am I a LASIK Candidate?

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Although vision correction procedures have helped millions of people across the world achieve optimal vision, LASIK is not for everyone. Even if you have the exact same glasses or contact lens prescription as a friend or family member who has achieved 20/20 vision through LASIK, this does not automatically qualify you as a good LASIK candidate.

The only way to know for sure if you are a good candidate for LASIK is by having a comprehensive vision consultation by a trained, experienced ophthalmologist. You can start the process by taking our free online LASIK Self-Evaluation. This will not take the place of a face-to-face exam, but it is an excellent starting point.

Tidewater Eye Centers in Virgina Beach LASIK Exam

The board-certified ophthalmologists at Tidewater Eye Centers in Virginia Beach perform a thorough exam on every person interested in reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. We assess your eye health, vision characteristics, general health and other factors to determine whether LASIK would be a safe and appropriate procedure to meet your individual vision goals. If there are any red flags, our doctors will not perform the procedure until certain conditions are controlled.

Conditions that May Disqualify Patients for LASIK Candidacy

  • Your glasses or contact lens prescription has changed in the last year.
  • You have a disease or are taking medications that may affect normal wound healing.
  • You have an autoimmune disease or uncontrolled diabetes.
  • You have a thin cornea.
  • You are pregnant or nursing.
  • You have a history of a herpes infection of the eyes.
  • You suffer from chronic dry eyes.
  • Your pupils dilate more than 7mm in the dark.


The PRK LASIK Alternative

If you are not an ideal LASIK candidate, your doctor may recommend a PRK procedure as a viable alternative. This procedure can produce comparable improvements in visual acuity using a safer method for patients with thin corneas or other eye characteristics.

The Lifestyle Lens Alternative

For patients over age 40 it is often more advantageous to have a procedure called Clear Lens Extraction (CLE) to not only correct refractive error of nearsightedness or farsightedness but also improve reading vision. As we age, the eye lens naturally begins to stiffen (this is called presbyopia), making it hard to focus on objects or words up-close. CLE can help improve this condition and reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Because Tidewater Eye Centers is a comprehensive care center, we can provide a wide range of treatment options to help you achieve the very best vision possible. Find out if you are a good LASIK candidate – or a candidate for a LASIK alternative – by scheduling a free LASIK consultation with us today.

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