Tidewater Eye Centers First LenSx Cataract Surgery

Dr. Newsom performed Tidewater Eye Centers’ first six LenSx Cataract Surgeries at VCES.

“The LenSx® Laser system gives  advanced control with more accuracy. Using a highly-precise, femtosecond laser, we are able to capture high-resolution images of the interior of the eye. And because every person’s eye anatomy is slightly different in shape, depth and curvature, the more detailed our images are, the better the vision outcome will be. The 3D images of the LenSx are the ultimate tools for precision. Now you can expect a bladeless, advanced cataract procedure that is completely personalized.”

In the near future, the doctors will also be using this new technique at Surgery Center of Chesapeake.

Congratulations, Dr. Newsom!