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Virtual Visit

We have partnered with to provide a virtual visit with our doctors. Due to updated regulations since the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak, these telemedicine visits are now covered by many insurance companies.

Virtual Visit Requirements

  1. You must call the office to schedule your virtual visit.
  2. Your visit requires video communication. Smartphones will work fine as will laptops or desktop computers with a webcam. When starting a virtual visit, please allow audio and video communication if prompted.
  3. Your virtual visit is a covered service if your primary insurance is Medicare, Optima, United HealthCare, Humana, Cigna or Anthem.
  4. Problems such as red-eye, swollen or droopy eyelid, or eye pain are appropriate reasons for a virtual visit. If your eyes are crusty, dry, itchy, runny or watery, your issue can also be addressed through a virtual visit.  A virtual visit can be done in many instances instead of an in-office visit.
  5. Currently, most of our MD’s are accepting virtual visits. Their virtual office can be reached by clicking one of the buttons below. Please remember that you have to call ahead to schedule a time for your virtual visit.

Dr. Len Rappaport

Dr. Roger Newsom

Dr. Tom Edmonds

Dr. Mark Iacobucci

Dr. Mark Pavilack

Dr. Kori Elkins