Volunteer Events

Our company strongly believes in reaching out to help strengthen the community around us.  There are many different organizations that need help all throughout the year. 

 Last year we did 3 events: the Vision Walk, Camp Hope Haven, and the Union Mission.  The Vision Walk has raised over $35 million to fund sight-saving research. As promising treatments move into critical human studies, the need for research funding is greater than ever. Being in this field this organization is very important to the doctors and staff of Tidewater Eye Centers.

 Camp Hope Haven is a traditional week long, overnight, summer camp program located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This program is for children who are less fortunate and is free to the family.  It’s a wonderful gift for us to help this group of wonderful people bring smiles to children’s faces!

 Each year during the holidays our company goes to the Union Mission to help them with different programs that they are doing.  Each year we have helped we have ended up doing something different.  The 1st year we packed boxes of food to be delivered to the elderly, 2nd year we packed bags of toys for children to open at Christmas, and last year we organized many crates of donated food. 

 This year we have 6 different events we are extremely excited to be a part of. 

-April – The Vision Walk http://www.fightblindness.org/site/TR/VISIONWALK/VisionWalktr?fr_id=5568&pg=entry&AddInterest=1561

-June – Camp Hope Haven https://unionmissionministries.org/learn/programs/camp/

-September – Rock Solid Foundation http://www.rocsolidfoundation.org/golfclassic/

-October –  Diabetes Walk http://stepout.diabetes.org/site/TR/StepOut/StepOutContent?fr_id=10704&pg=entry

-November – CHKD Radio-A-Thon http://www.chkd.org/Support-Us/Fundraising-Events/Featured-Fundraising/The-Point-Radiothon/

-December –  Union Mission https://unionmissionministries.org/act/


So here is to 2015 and helping build a stronger community!


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