What is “All Laser” Laser Vision Correction?

What is “All-Laser” Laser Vision Correction?

Lasers have been used to treat eye diseases for over 30 years and to reduce dependency on eyeglasses for over 20 years.  Today, most types of laser vision correction including LASIK and PRK are performed almost entirely with the laser itself.  That is, both for the preparation of the outer surface of the cornea to be corrected and the actual treatment itself.  With advances in technology, the majority of patients including those with astigmatism can now function without the use of glasses for most distance activities following “All-Laser” Laser Vision Correction.  The age range for those undergoing the laser are typically from 21 to 55 years of age with an average of about 37. Many of whom have been looking for an alternative to glasses, have become intolerant to their contact lenses, or are not a candidate for contact wear.  To find out if one qualifies to have one’s vision improved or for those interested in learning more about laser vision correction, complimentary screenings are available at our office.

Mark A. Pavilack, M.D.
Corneal, Implant, and Refractive Surgery Specialist